UK-Peninsula war- What can my son wear as a costum as a soldier from the peninsula war ?

At school, he has been asked to dress like a soldier from the peninsula war. Any idea what we can use for that ?

The soldiers of the Peninsular War (against Napoloean in Spain and Portugal) wore very varied uniforms. But the English infantry wore red coats with white crossbelts and white trousers (hence the name "Redcoats." The "Rifles" (the 95th Regiment of Foot), however, wore green jackets and were called "Grasshoppers" by the french. French infantry wore blue coats with white crossbelts. Cavalry uniforms were splendid and garish and are too difficult to describe without pictures. You could look in Waterstones bookshops at their display of books in the Osprey series of military history and find the one on Waterloo which, altho' technically not a battle of the Peninsular War, has uniforms relevant to your question. The book "Uniforms of Waterloo" by Philip Haythornthwaite and others would be useful. Another source of information would be the "Sharpe" series of films from ITV now available on DVD or any associated books, for example: "Marching With Sharpe." P.S. I've just looked at my tv listings and noticed that "Sharpe" is on UKtv History tonight at 7.00pm (if you have satellite/cable) and on tomorrow twice at 09.00 and 14.00 on UKtv History on Freeview.